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[Aircraft] Please ride to reach the "wenzhou longwan international airport (WNZ)" flights, the airport to our company '28 kilometers, about 45 minutes by car;


*From Guangzhou:1.5 hours of aircraft

*From Hongkong:1 hour and 40 minutes of the aircaft

*From Shanghai:45minutes of the aircaft

*From Beijing:2 hours and 20 minutes of the aircaft

*From Qingdao:1 hour and 30 minutes of the aircaft

*From Wuhan:1 hour and 10 minutes of the aircaft



[Bus] Please to achieve "Ruian long-distance bus station", Ruian bus station to walk 7 km, about need 15 minutes;


[Train & High iron] "Ruian station", "Wenzhou south station" ,Ruian stand 16 kilometers away to our company, about 25 minutes drive, the wenzhou road 35 km to our company, drive 60 minutes;


*From Guangzhou:9 hours of the train

*From Shanghai:4 hours of the aircafthe train

*From Hangzhou:3 hours of the aircafthe train

*From Beijing:11 hours and 20 minutes of the train

*From Yiwu:1 hour and 50minutes of the train

*From Wuhan:7 hour and 10 minutes of the train


[Self-drive] Please in "baidu map" or other mainstream navigation software search "ruian sanlian plastics co., ltd.", Sanlian company about 8 kilometers from Ruian high-speed export;



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You can we will travel information in advance, we will provide you with convenient transport, booking hotel and so on necessary. (E-mail:cnslp@sanlianplastic.com)

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